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In 2010 it was discovered that 78 per cent more people were taking breaks in the UK in caravans than were opting for the traditional getaway to Spain, and figures in 2019 suggested a rise in caravanning of 15 per cent from the previous year alone.

Altogether it is believed that there are a total of 1.5 million touring, static, and folding caravans in regular use within the UK. Whether the rise in popularity is down to the economic climate pushing people to plump for the ‘staycation’ rather than an expensive trip abroad, or families just looking to enjoy the freedom that caravanning offers, is not clear.

What is clear, though, is that if you are looking to use a touring caravan on public roads in the UK, or a static caravan within a holiday park, it is essential that you get it insured with the policy to suit you, your wallet, and your particular requirements.

Making sure your caravan is insured will provide protection against damage, fire, theft, theft of contents and valuables within the caravan, and if the caravan is involved in an accident. There are around 600 reported cases of caravan theft each year according to The Camping and Caravanning Club, and it is rare for the police to be able to track down the stolen caravan and return it to the rightful owner.

Insurance providers break caravan policies into three categories: for touring models, static caravans, and for trailer tents or folding caravans. Across these categories insurance deals break down to several further types: new for old insurance policies will offer a new version of your caravan so long as it falls within a certain age restriction, normally 5 years old but up to in some cases 15 years. This system is designed for circumstances in which the caravan is stolen and not recovered, or damaged beyond repair. Also there are market value deals, in which the caravan is insured for its current value, taking into consideration factors such as age and condition according to the judgement of an accredited dealer; or an agreed value deal, which pays the equivalent of what you paid for your caravan if you can provide the original receipt.

Furthermore, if you believe the contents and equipment of your caravan are more valuable than these pay-out deals then you can insure it for a fixed sum of your choice, or if you need to add cover for a third-party use, or for use on European roads, then you can add extra cover for a specific purpose to an existing deal.

Getting the right deal can be tricky. There are plenty of insurance providers out there, each with different plus points. Finding a variety of quotes for you to compare and explore and assess according to your needs is made easy with our specialist caravan insurance comparison website. It will lay out clearly the deals available and point to how you investigate further the providers you like the look of.

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