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When you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on a motorhome you’ll need to be sure that it’s safe and secure against thieves and damage. After all, not everyone out there will be such a careful driver as you. And a determined thief can get past even the most advanced security systems.

So make sure you protect your motorhome and get the best possible insurance policy. Be sure to have a really good think about the finer details of what you’re looking for from your policy. How much cover will you need? What additional features are you willing to pay extra for? What’s the maximum premium price that you’re willing to pay out?

Have a good clear picture of how many miles you’ll be doing in the motorhome over the next twelve months, or if it’ll be parked up in a secure location for much of that time. Make sure you know how many drivers will be using the motorhome, and if you’ll be using it just on UK roads or whether you’re planning to head over to Europe. Some policies will explicitly exclude foreign travel.

And different policies are available specifically geared towards your type of motorhome. So you’ll find policies for American or Japanese imports, coach-built homes and specific A, B or C class type motorhome policies.

Most insurance policies will cover the key problems you might face on the road – accidents, breakdown and damage to your windscreen. But have a check about what else the different policies are offering. Some might also include full vehicle recovery and repairs, and some might also throw in a replacement vehicle for use whilst yours is nursed back to full health.

And if you’ll be storing valuable items inside the motorhome it might be worth getting contents cover too. That’ll protect you in case of a break-in or forced entry. And if you’ll be doing a lot of cooking in the home fire cover will be essential.

Insurance companies offer all of these and more in their various policies. Shop around to find what suits you and your needs – you don’t want to pay out too much when you’ll only be doing a few miles in the motorhome every year and then keeping it in secure storage.

Some companies might also require you to have particular security alarms or systems in place. This means items like trackers and immobilisers in case of theft to make recovery easier or reverse cameras and parking sensors to limit the risk of bumps and knocks. Having protection like this installed will keep your premium price as low as possible.

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