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Static caravans are are kept permanently in a fixed place such as a holiday park or a caravan site. Figures from the National Caravan Club suggest there are around 305,000 such static caravans in use within the UK. In order to get an insurance policy for a static caravan you cannot be using it as your permanent residence or business premises, in which case the caravan would need to be covered under a home insurance policy.

If you have decided to purchase a static caravan then you will know that it represents a major investment. There will be fees to keep the caravan within the holiday park or caravan site. Statics offer a home from home for buyers, a place to come back to time after time and in which all the comforts and household appliances of home will often be kept, from gadgets, television sets, to other personal effects and valuables.

Getting your static caravan insured will protect your investment against fire, flooding and other weather damage, accident damage, and theft from within the caravan when there is evidence of forced entry. Theft is a particular concern for many owners of static caravans. Insurance claims involving theft represent around a fifth of all claims made regarding static caravans. Organised gangs of thieves target static caravans as they are often empty for long periods of time and look to take electrical items such as televisions, audio equipment, and any valuables they can find.

Protecting your static caravan with security measures will therefore impact on your premium payments. Increasing your vigilance against theft and damage will mean you become entitled to discounts and better deals from insurance providers. Methods such as placing extra locks on windows, doors, and skylights, along with stickers pointing out the added security will deter thieves, as well as installing an alarm system that not only informs you when there has been an attempted burglary at your caravan, but also makes the staff at your holiday park or caravan site aware as soon as the thieves attempt to break in.

Finding the right insurance provider and the right deal for you can be a confusing and tricky business, but having a selection of providers with details of their offers, quotes, and their particular benefits and discounts can make things much easier to comprehend.

Static caravan insurance is provided by a variety of companies, many of whom specialise in insuring caravans. Our comparison website allows you to compare and contrast their respective merits and sets you on the road towards getting the policy to provide peace of mind and protection for your static caravan.

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