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Finding the right insurance provider and policy to chime with your needs can be a challenge. Having a platform on which you can find a selection of policies available to insure your touring caravan along with a comparison of their respective policy details and advantages and disadvantages and quotes on premium payments can make finding the right policy much easier. A list of quotes and policy details arranged on one page makes things simple for you, and ensures that your choice on which insurer to choose is an informed one.

There are currently a number of providers who specialise in offering policies on caravans, and assessing and balancing the pros and cons of each offer will make sure you get the most suitable deal for you. Our comparison website specialises in helping you find the best insurance deal available.

The National Caravan Council believes that the touring caravan is the most popular caravan within the UK, rather than statics or motorhomes. There are an estimated 510,000 touring caravans in the UK that are regularly towed on public roads between permanent residences and holiday camps. Getting insured is vital before you take your caravan on a public highway, and will protect you in case of fire, damage, accident, or theft of the caravan itself or theft of the contents and equipment within the caravan.

Insurance deals vary from provider to provider, but will often include new for old replacement if the caravan is stolen and not recovered by the police, and protection for equipment and personal items held within the caravan. Other common elements in a deal include cover to take the caravan on European roads for a fixed period, third-party cover in case of accident, and cover if the caravan is used by family or friends of the policy holder.

The main problems that owners of touring caravans encounter are accidents on the road and theft from and of the caravan itself. Although theft of caravans is down from where it was a decade ago, there are still over 600 touring caravans stolen each year, with the police only recovering around 5 per cent of those stolen. Similarly, with caravan holidays on the rise in the UK, so is theft from parked caravans within holiday parks. Thieves are increasingly using the internet to find targets to steal, and are willing even to steal caravans held in storage units.

Insurers are particularly concerned to see that touring caravan owners take all the security measures possible to negate the risk of theft. Providers will offer discounts on premium payments if you possess the security systems they approve of. This may mean fitting tracking systems, wheel clamps, state-of-the-art alarm systems, and toughened locks. Together these measures will bring your premium payments down and ensure you get the best insurance deal available.

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